Lock nuts requiring a keyway,MB(L) lock washers

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Locking devices, keys, keyways and keyslots are optional features on all rod ends manufactured by New Hampshire Ball Bearings. ... NHBB does not manufacture keys, nuts or lock wire as separate items. These items are readily available from other sources. Keyways and keyslots are optional. To specify, add suffix “W” to NHBB catalog rod end.Lock nuts are high pre-cision compo-nents. The nut is locked by means of three radial brass locking pins arranged at the same angle as the thread flanks. This removes the need for a locking washer and keyway. The nut can be accurately located at right angles to the shaft by means of the radial locking pins and can be re-used. 


Self locking nut .Abstract: A lock nut to be threaded onto a threaded shank which has a keyway. The lock nut has a base, a key on the base to fit in the keyway, a peripheral wall with axial angularity spaced apart recesses, and a wave spring. ... This invention relates to self-locking lock nuts, for example wheel.